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Parenting From The Heart

8-Week ZOOM Parenting Course

Begins September 12th, 2021 – Live and Online from the comfort of your own home

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Ty and Linda Hatfield, Co-Authors of the book:

PARENTSHIFT – Ten Universal Truths That Will Change The Way You Raise Your Kids

ParentShift - The Book

PARENTSHIFT – Ten Universal Truths That Will Change The Way You Raise Your Kids


Power Struggles to Authentic Cooperation Workshop (MP3 Audio)


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Your book will be signed by co-authors Linda & Ty Hatfield. A ParentShift Bookmark that lists all the 10 Universal Truths for your reference will be included with your purchase along with a refrigerator magnet with the 7 SPECIAL Emotional Needs of your child.

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Are You Tired of Nagging and Scolding With Little Response?

Do You Want Peace, Cooperation, and Harmony in Your Home?

Parenting From The Heart founders, Linda and Ty Hatfield, believe that parenting is supposed to be fun. If you are a parent committed to creating the family of your dreams, you have come to the right place. Through workshops, classes, keynotes and parent coaching, the Hatfields create a safe, fun and non-judgmental environment for learning life-changing parenting skills that empower your family.


A Heart Centered Guide to Parenting

In this interactive, fun parenting course you will enjoy learning how to:

  • Fill up The 7 Special Emotional Needs of your child/teen
  • Understand how your child’s brain works
  • Stop the “But It Works!” syndrome
  • Put yourself on “PAUSE” when you are triggered
  • Manage feelings, big and small
  • Participate in the 20 second miracle
  • Talk and listen to your child so she can cooperate
  • Shift from disconnection to connection
  • Authentically empower your child at any age
  • Create win-win cooperation in your home
  • Use effective, loving strategies to prevent power struggles
  • Use peaceful, loving strategies to get out of power struggles
  • Get on the same parenting page with your spouse/partner
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Watch sample clip of Linda Hatfield from our Power Struggles workshop DVD/Downloadable MP4

AVAILABLE IN Video or MP3 (Instant Download) or DVD/CD!

About Parenting From The Heart

We provide you with positive parenting tools, systems and strategies without the use of guilt, shame, bribery, rewards, illogical consequences, timeout, or punishment.

After experiencing Parenting From The Heart, you will feel confident when connecting and communicating with your children. You will experience more cooperation and harmony in your home.

Listen to Linda and Ty talk about self-esteem on “The Parenting Hour” radio show!

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Parenting From The Heart offers unique products created by Linda and Ty Hatfield that will support you on your parenting journey!

Our fun and interactive books, e-books, DVD and audio recordings will provide you with current child development information, tools, strategies and resources necessary to feel confident when parenting your children.

Inside our workshops you will learn about:

The 7 Emotional Needs of a Child
The Neuroscience
How to “Pause” during a conflict
Handling strong feelings
Enhancing sibling relationships
And much, much more!
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