Coaching For Parents of Adult Children

The transition from teens to adulthood can be challenging, even under the best of circumstances.    Linda and Ty have many years of experience coaching parents with an adult child. They listen in a safe, non-judgmental environment while parents express their concerns, challenges and issues.

Listed below are possible challenges that parents experience with their adult child:

Unemployed and avoidance of looking for employment
Lack of interest in college or further education
Lacking life skills
Emotionally not connecting and caring about their parents
Lack of personal responsibilities
Lack of household responsibilities
Running up bills
Sleeping in late
Addiction to electronics
Financially dependent and irresponsible

Linda and Ty help parents establish personal boundaries and assist parents to create clear limits in relation to their adult child’s behavior.  They assist in creating a custom made plan so that parents experience healthy, empowering changes in their family.  When it is time, Linda and Ty help parents assist their child to L.E.A.P. into life, by creating a Loving Exit Action Plan.  In other words, this plan supports the adult child in moving out of the parent’s home and into their own home.

Linda and Ty are flexible when creating an appointment schedule that works for you.