Coaching for Parents with Toddlers to Teens

Each parent coaching session is customized and specifically designed to meet the needs of your family. Linda and Ty are available in person, over the phone, Skype or in your home.

Linda and Ty are available for parent coaching either together or separately depending on the needs of your family. This is a unique opportunity to get two perspectives to assist you with your challenges.

Here’s what some clients had to say about Ty and Linda:

  • “Linda brings peace into our homes.”
  • “Linda has given a gift to our family.”
  • “Ty is an expert in helping Dads become more peaceful.”
  • “Ty readily shares his own parenting mistakes.”
  • “Their passion is to reconnect parents to the fun in their family.”
  • “They live what they teach.”

The Benefits of Coaching include:

  • Loving solutions to anything from toddler’s demands to teen issues
  • Resolving challenges, bringing freedom and joy to your family
  • Bringing peaceful cooperation into your home
  • Watching your children thrive through love, trust, respect, and validation


What are the Advantages of Parent Coaching?

  1. Parent coaching is about focusing on and creating empowering solutions to on-going challenges in a variety of areas that parents struggle with.
  2. During a coaching session, we will help you understand why your child is experiencing behavioral challenges. We will give you information on how to positively and effectively solve your current parenting challenges that will meet the specific needs of your family.  After just one session, you will take what you have learned and practice it that very day!
  3. Parent coaching will assist you in filling your parenting tool box with unique systems, activities and day-to-day strategies to improve your relationship with your child, which will then enable you to gain cooperation. You will practice what you learned and then come back to us with your questions and feedback.
  4. We work with all parents of all ages of children. Every age brings on new challenges from toddlers through the teen years. We also work with parents who have challenges with their adult children!
  5. Parent Coaching is private and confidential. You will get the opportunity to receive answers to your personal questions in a safe, supportive, non-judgmental setting.
  6. Parent coaching gives you and your parenting partner hands-on resources to create organization, structure and unity, which are skills you can use forever! You and your parenting partner can now parent on the same page!

Transformational Quotes and Stories

Bella is still doing great with the changes we’ve made. She loves going to Claire’s with her allowance and she still loves the job wheel. We were on a date today and Bella said out of the blue “I like that you and Mommy haven’t yelled at me since we got the job wheel.” That is the ultimate testimonial for your work.
-Greg Cherney – Orange County, California

I have always considered our family a close one. Our two boys would come to bed with us at night, each with their book, read and fall asleep. If my husband does not travel, he would carry them to their beds. In the morning, they would come back in, and we would either talk or play games with them. When he is out of town, I usually let them sleep with me and we would have the same routines for night time and morning time. I have always enjoyed these times, recognizing that they would not last forever, whereas my husband would be a little annoyed with the boys. But, he usually acquiesced our special times would carry on. That was and still remains one of my favorite times with the boys.

Then the dreadful day came with my oldest….too soon for me to even recall exactly when. Somewhere in the middle of his 6th grade year, my son Tag started to exhibit strong desire for independence. One of the ways he was doing this was to stop having close physical contact with me and my husband…Read More