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ty-linda-headshotFounders of Parenting From The Heart

Linda and Ty Hatfield
Huntington Beach, CA

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lynette-andersonLynette Anderson, Hilltop Preschool Director

Fountain Valley, CA

Next course: January 19- February 23, 2018 6:00-9:30pm

Lynette began her early childhood career caring for children in her home-based childcare service. Moving on after many years, she received her certificate in Early Childhood Education through UCLA Extension and started teaching at Hilltop as a Pre-K teacher in 1999. In 2003 she became the school’s director and has since been providing Hilltop with a unique community and child-based spirit. She was certified to teach Parenting From The Heart curriculum in 2009 and teaches the course to a majority of the parents working at her co-op preschool.

Lynette resides in Fountain Valley with her husband Bob and their 3 children.

Carissa Karner, MA, MFT

Huntington Beach, Orange County, CA

Carissa realized a need for parent support while working with teens and young adults as a licensed psychotherapist in private practice. She noticed that the parents of the kids she was working with were often confused, overwhelmed, exhausted, and didn’t know how to reconnect with their children. She turned to Ty and Linda for guidance to offer heart centered support and teaching for parents who are caring for a child struggling with eating disorders, depression, anxiety, or simply normal developmental stages.

As a certified Parenting From The Heart Instructor, Carissa utilizes her training to coach parents, but she has also been keenly aware that many of her adult clients never received heart centered parenting when they were growing up. Now, Carissa also uses this training to help adults learn to re-parent themselves as a way to heal childhood wounds.

In her private practice in Huntington Beach, Carissa coaches parents, provides therapy to teens and adults, provides EMDR, and offers insightful business coaching to small business owners. Carissa believes that any relationship can be repaired and nourished with the right heart centered tools.

If you would like to reach out to Carissa for a consultation, please visit her website or email her.

Vanessa Collett, Director of North Huntington Beach Community Nursery School

Huntington Beach, Orange County CA
(480) 452-2402

Vanessa earned her degree in Human and Family Development and has worked in various early childhood education settings over the years. In 2015, while researching preschools for her youngest child, she found North Huntington Beach Community Nursery School and fell in love with the co-op preschool concept. Families working together, making connections and having a sense of belonging have always been near to her heart. Now as director of NHBCNS, she continues to promote all of the values of the preschool so that other parents find the same sense of community she discovered.

Vanessa’s desire to continually grow in the field of child development lead her to become a certified Parenting From The Heart Instructor. She now offers workshops at NHBCNS monthly general meetings and courses throughout the year. She resides in Huntington Beach with her husband, three children and their old bulldog.

“It is a gift in my life to work alongside families to give our children a healthy foundation for the people they will become and the bright futures ahead of them.”

Amanda Sneed Hobbs, Mommy Knose

Fullerton, Orange County, CA
Phone: 714-225-8702

Amanda Sneed Hobbs is a stay-at-home mom of 2 boys. She has a background in early child education and care. She is involved with the parent co-op at the Fullerton Community Nursery School (FCNS) where parents participate in their child’s early education. FCNS celebrates and encourages children’s learning through play. She also has formed a private Facebook Group called MommyKnose. This is a place where like-minded moms get together for play dates, mommy’s night out, support group circles and continued parenting education.

Amanda experienced many shifts in her family after taking the Parenting From The Heart Course. The connection she experienced with her two boys became deeper and more meaningful. As she made herself more available to her children through the use of sincere Feeling Acknowledgers, her relationship drastically changed. As a result, her boys became more cooperative, tantrums and power struggles were less frequent and as a family they now enjoy their life together even more.

Amanda enjoys teaching parents who are interested in learning positive parenting skills and who want to experience the Parenting From The Heart curriculum. You can find Amanda on Facebook and Twitter.

Jessica Guerra, United Parenting

Roseville/Sacramento, CA

Jessica is a mother of a spirited daughter and a step mother to 3 fantastic boys. She discovered Parenting From The Heart when her daughter was just 8 months old. She quickly was able to see how the tools from the course supported her in creating dramatic changes in her current family relationships. She quickly realized she wanted to become a Parenting From The Heart Instructor and share her love of parenting with other parents.

Jessica loves teaching, sharing and connecting with other parents. She keeps everyone in the class interested and engaged.

Jessica enjoys demonstrating the Parenting From The Heart skills with the children from the parents in her classes.

LeeGiacaloneLee Giacalone, Heart2Heart Parenting – Chicago

Naperville & Chicago, Illinois

As a life enthusiast with an open mind and heart, Lee Giacalone has had many transformative experiences. Her family migrated from Vietnam to the US when she 15 years old. She spent her teen years attended high school in Ohio and graduated from Bowling Green State University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Economics.

Over a span of 15+ years after college, Lee had a successful career in Health and Welfare Benefits, working for a few Fortune 100 companies in California. In 1997 Lee left her six-figure Corporate America career to be a stay-at-home mom.

In 2010, overwhelmed with raising two pre-teen boys, Lee enlisted the help of a Parenting Coach. Through the Parenting From The Heart Curriculum, Lee learned how to be a heart-centered parent, build heartfelt connections with her children and create a peaceful and happy home for her family. Because this parenting philosophy has positively
affected her life, Lee wanted to share it with other parents. In 2012 Lee was recommended and became a Certified Parent Educator with Parenting From The Heart.

Lee quickly realized that the same relationship-building tools for parents could be applied to other relationships as well. In October 2013 Lee received training from the world-renowned Gottman Institute and became part of a small group of worldwide people who were authorized to teach Dr. Gottman’s Seven Principles For Making Marriage Work
class. Based on Dr. John Gottman’s 40 years of research and his best selling book of the same name, the class teaches couples relationship skills. Lee also completed levels 1 and 2 of the Gottman Method Couples Therapy Clinical Training Program. Lee is also a certified Life Coach and a member of Quantum Success Coaching Academy (QSCA) since October 2013.

Lee has contributed her services to local organizations such as 360 Youth Services, Parents Matter Too and Waubonsie Valley High School. Lee and her husband John have been married for 18 years. In addition to their two fun and loving boys, they have a Bichon Poodle named Cookie. Lee’s personal motto is “If I could do it, you can too!”

An aspiring writer, Lee is currently working on her book, The Trailblazers Club.

*Some of our certified instructors choose not to be listed on this site for privacy reasons.