I find it a challenge to commit to 18 hours for a parenting class. Why is it so long?

Eighteen hours does seem long, and it certainly can be a challenge for busy parents to schedule a class such as this one into their lives. We created a course that focuses on all the concepts that would assist parents in transforming their day to day parenting interactions with their children. Think of how many hours you have been a parent so far and how many more hours you will continue to be a parent in your lifetime. Eighteen hours does not seem to be as big in that context. The benefits you will receive during the eighteen hours can be priceless to your family and create peace of mind at home for you.

During the class, we have parents report back on their progress with their children. Most parents are amazed at how much less negative energy they spend when interacting with their children and as a result enjoy their children more.

What parenting style are you teaching?

There are three types of parenting styles: Autocratic, Permissive, and Heart-Centered. An Autocratic parenting style can be destructive to the relationship with your child, causing stress and strain within the family. We refer to this as a “win-lose” parenting approach. A Permissive parenting style can be just as destructive. This style usually does not provide a strong family structure using reasonable healthy limits and boundaries as a foundation. We refer to this as a “lose-win” parenting approach.

We teach a Heart-Centered parenting style or a “win-win” parenting approach. The Parenting From The Heart course is based in Adlerian Psychology.  Other high conscious parenting experts who have influenced us are Dr. Rudolph Dreikurs, Dr. Haim Ginott, Alfie Kohn, Dorothy Briggs, Adele Faber, Elaine Mazlish, Dr. Dan Siegal, Mary Sheedy Kurchinka, Dr. Laura Markham and more! Understanding and knowing your parenting style is important because it can damage or enhance your relationship with your child. We know that “win-win” cooperation with your children is a byproduct of a high quality relationship. In the course, you will walk away with new skills where you will be given the opportunity to be more creative and less reactive to your daily parenting challenges.

My partner is not interested in taking the course. I am concerned about not being on the same page. Should I still attend the course?

Being on the same page for parents is important, except when both parents are using old and ineffective parenting techniques. We have had many parents take the course without their partner. Typically, the parent taking the class happily reports back to their partner that their new skills are working. Their partner is usually impressed with the positive results and becomes interested in taking the class the next time it is offered. Even if the other parent decides not to take the class and chooses to stay the same you will have the opportunity to create, implement, and model positive parenting techniques in your family. Your positive influence will make a significant difference in the lives of your children.

I don’t have anyone to watch my children. Finding quality babysitting can be frustrating and expensive. What do you recommend?

Below is a list of ideas and solutions that graduate parents of our course have used in the past:

  • One parent takes the course and the other parent takes the next scheduled course.
  • Parents participate in a “date night” swap with other parents, trading off watching each others kids.
  • Parents have reached out and asked family, friends, and neighbors for assistance.
  • Parents have bartered for babysitting.
  • Parents who have children in sports have asked other parents or the coach to assist them by watching their
    child before, during, or after the sport activity.
  • One family parked their motor home at the course site and checked on their children at the breaks!

My child is ADD, ADHD, Bi-Polar, etc. Will the class assist us in handling these challenges?

Yes, the course will assist you in handling these challenges. Parents have reported positive changes in their home. All families and children from all situations benefit from parents who receive a high quality parenting program. USA Today reported on a study from the Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics proving fewer ADHD symptoms occurring in children whose parents received parent training.

What types of people come to your class?

We welcome all parents, grandparents, nannies, and teachers. Anyone who works with children will benefit from our course. We enjoy the diversity of all family styles, backgrounds, situations, and family dynamics. Our classes are filled with parents who want to enhance their parenting skills, to parents who are at their wits end. These principles are valid and applicable to all situations. We can all benefit from information that can enhance our relationships with our children and benefit all other relationships in our lives as well.

I don’t have enough money, do you provide scholarships?

We do not provide scholarships, however, we do offer creative ways to pay for the parenting course or instructor training.  There are several online sites that you can run a funding campaign to your friends and family.  Kickstarter and GoFundMe are two examples.   You could ask for someone to pay for the course as a birthday or Christmas gift.

To fund the parent instructor training some instructors have had their employer, church, charity or business pay for all or part of the tuition.  This is sometimes done with the agreement that you will provide so many courses or workshops for the organization.  If you have a business or start your own business the training would qualify as a tax deductible expense.