For Dads Only

You Are Considering Attending a Workshop/Course on Parenting?

Take this short quiz to see if it’s right for you:

Would you like to enjoy your children when they are teenagers?
Would you like to spend more time playing and enjoying your children instead of in power struggles?
Are you frustrated that you and your wife are not on the same page when it comes to parenting?
Would you like to experience joy and laughter when you come home from work, instead of stress and strain?
Would you like to be the father you wished you had?
Would you like to learn to lead more from your heart at home and work?


If you answered yes to more than two of these questions, then a Parenting From The Heart Workshop or Course is for you. As a dad, Ty promises to have your back!

Do you believe in using the proper tools for the right job?

Think back to how many times you have used the wrong type of tool for a task. Didn’t it take a lot of extra effort and time? It is frustrating when you find out there was another tool that could have saved your weekend time (and sweat). This parenting course offers you the opportunity to select highly efficient and effective tools to raise your children. So there is more fun and less stress in your life. At the same time there is less damage to the people you really care about.

This is an opportunity to “clean out” your garage and throw away old ineffective and damaging tools.

Low conscious parenting uses tools that damage the relationship even though the tools may appear to be working. Here is a list of old, ineffective parenting tools that I used in the past before learning about high conscious parenting:

  • Bribery
  • Rewards
  • Guilt
  • Threats
  • Punishment
  • Time-out
  • Yelling
  • (Illogical) Consequences

High conscious parenting begins with the best tools for dads. Here are the new tools that you will receive during your course:

  • 7 Emotional Needs
  • Win-Win Approach
  • Heart-Centered Listening
  • Empowering Solutions
  • Natural Consequences
  • Self-Calming
  • Bridging Steps
  • One on One Time
  • Honoring Boundaries
  • Setting Limits

Doesn’t a highly organized and efficient garage inspire you and make jobs around the house more fun? So, when you are a father, using efficient parenting tools makes life more fun and can bond the relationship with your kids for a life time!

Message from Ty:

“When I was in charge of the SWAT team, I would spend the day in charge of a full scale tactical operation where everything was run through me. However, when I came home I didn’t feel very confident in my parenting skills and deferred to my wife to handle the kids. After taking our first parenting class, I felt excited and in alignment with the concepts presented. This was a new way of being for me when interacting with my kids. I felt joyful and confident in parenting my children. I felt inspired and rediscovered my role as a husband and father!”

Ty Hatfield is a guest on Refined Alpha – A Podcast