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“ParentShift is aptly named. It is an encyclopedic exploration of the most effective methods for giving children the courage to realize their full potential.”

ADELE FABER, author of How To Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk

“Linda and Ty Hatfield’s heart-centered approach, presented in this book with Wendy Thomas Russell, helps parents develop the skills to move beyond punishment and rewards, sidestep power struggles, and strengthen the parent-child relationship . . . ParentShift works because it changes the way you SEE your child. It should be on every family’s bookshelf.”
—LAURA MARKHAM, author of Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids

“Let me Explain: Timeouts,” PBS NewsHour/Facebook — 11.15.17
Let me Explain: Timeouts

“A must-read for parents, caregivers and grandparents. The authors give practical, down- to-earth options for the everyday issues, conflicts, and roadblocks that we all experience, while helping our children become responsible, resilient, resourceful, compassionate human beings who know how to think—not just what to think.”
—BARBARA COLOROSO, author of The Kids Are Worth It!

“ParentShift exposes the fake news of the necessity to discipline and control children, and replaces it with the true news that children are harmed by domination and thrive on connection, unconditional love, and respect. While quoting the work of many reputable authors and researchers of the last fifty years, the authors provide parents an incredibly powerful and clear system to shift their way of being from gut reactors to intelligent responders and from getting compliance in the moment to ensuring the child unfolds into a highly self-esteemed, self-reliant, loving, and thriving person.”
—NAOMI ALDORT, author of Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves

“If you want a deeply connected, heart-centered relationship with your child, you owe it to yourself to learn from these masters. ParentShift is one of the most comprehensive and time-tested parenting books around. If you have only one parenting book in your library, this should be the one.”
—VICKIE FALCONE, author of Buddha Never Raised Kids & Jesus Didn’t Drive Carpool

“The best thing about ParentShift is the enduring focus on how it’s actually the adults behavior, rather than the child’s, that is most predictive of healthy development. We must grow ourselves before we grow our children. Brilliant!”
—VANESSA LAPOINTE, author of Discipline Without Damage

“I’m delighted to endorse a book so thoroughly devoted to a win-win approach to parenting, one that takes the needs of both parents and children into consideration. You’ll find loads of tips, charts, examples, and brief assignments along with easy-to-read text written with empathy and good humor. Here are some of the best tools available to help you build the best possible, mutually respectful, and loving, life-long relationships with your kids.”
—JANE BLUESTEIN, author of The Parent’s Little Book of Lists

“Parenting without punishment, threats, rewards, or bribery seemed like a fantasy until Wendy Thomas Russell enrolled in Ty and Linda Hatfield’s Parenting from the Heart course, which draws from Adlerian psychology and its offshoots. In ParentShift—an upbeat, modern guide with classic roots—the coauthors give parents a loving alter- native . . . ParentShift presents a thorough set of adaptable ideas. Here, thoughtful parenting comes down to being willing to grow and change right alongside children.”
—Foreword Reviews

“A beautiful manual for parents who desire positive change in the parent-child relationship. The depth and scope of this work is profound, vast, and life-changing. Not to be read only once, a resource like this provides valuable support throughout time.”
—LYNETTE ANDERSON, director of Hilltop Preschool, Fountain Valley

ParentShift is quite possibly the only parenting book you will ever need to read. It is so beautifully and clearly written that, as you read, you will better understand not only your children, but yourself. You will shift the way you know your children, deepen your compassion for yourself as you make connections with your own childhood, and become more proactive and responsive in your daily routines. The complete toolkits and the authors’ tried and true resources make this book a one-stop shopping manual for heart-centered parenting.”

Nevin Valentine, child development expert – college professor

“Ty and Linda Hatfield share their cutting-edge expertise in this easy-to-understand guide on raising children that grow into healthy, confident adults. As a marriage and family therapist, I rely on their methods when I work with children and teens. I recommend that every parent read this ground-breaking book.”

Carissa Karner, licensed MFT  

“They say there’s no how-to book for parenting . . . but this is it.”
—JENNY MARDER, mother of two

ParentShift is a heartwarming guidebook to parenting and building strong family relationships.  The book was Informative, easy to read and inspiring. ParentShift provides great alternatives and common sense to parenting which is backed up through research and evidenced throughout the book with examples and humour which helped me connect to my own parenting style.

“ParentShift has many useful toolkit’s which support the guidance within this book during each chapter along with helping us to grow a strong and balanced lifelong relationship with our children which is based on respect instead of bribery, punishment or false rewards.”

—Emma M.  ~ Mother from England

From Reader Views – 1st Place Finish, Non-fiction Family Category 

Reviewed by Rachel Dehning for Reader Views (12/19/19)

“ParentShift: Ten Universal Truths that Will Change the Way you Raise your Kids” by Linda and Ty Hatfield and Wendy Thomas Russell is one of the newest parenting books on the market. The reason for the book is explained by Russell and resonates with many- when she became a parent, she thought she had it all under control, little did she know that as her child grows, her parenting techniques that were applied at a younger age might not work so well anymore. When this happened, Russell sought the guidance of the Hatfield’s and learns their heart-centered approach to parenting in raising her child.

“ParentShift” is based on scientific facts geared toward how children’s brains are wired and how they respond to different parenting techniques. The acts of the controlling and permissive parents are discussed, then they are compared to the acts of the heart-centered parents, and the difference is obvious; it will leave you dumbfounded as to why you never thought to use this technique in the first place. Self-esteem, emotional needs, perception, motivation, responses, developmental stages, temperament, independence, limits and boundaries, and unmet needs are all issues that are explored and broken down in simple ways to be understood by all.

As a parent, I know how difficult parenting can be. By the end of the day you are tired and want your “me” time, but you still have a child that craves and demands your attention. Techniques and actions provided in the book have given me tips, hope, and alternatives to my parenting style. One of the biggest issues in parenting is respect. What is important is having the ability to step back and determine if you are speaking to your children the way you would like to be spoken to by another adult, or if you am belittling them and robbing them of a chance of making decisions and thinking on their own, both skills needed to become successful adults.

Other facts, such as the ten universal truths described in the book make total sense when they are written out, and show how if we, as parents, are able to change up our game plans, we can help our children feel unconditionally loved, needed, and able to develop high self-esteem and resilience for whatever lies in their future. I have already implemented some suggestions from the book, and I feel a better connection with my children. Their behavior has changed for the better as well. “ParentShift” is a definite must-read for all parents!

Amazon Reviews


This book is absolutely amazing. After finishing I ordered copies for friends and family. It is so refreshing to read this book with an extremely positive outlook of parenting! I feel like my husband and I were holding our own as parents, but this book encouraged us to do so much better. Parentshift clearly outlines why some trusted parenting strategies don’t work and gives simple/usable techniques to use instead. I am no longer dreading disciplining my son, rather I look forward to building a mutually respectful relationship.


Every parent should read this book

Every parent should read this book. It is a wonderful resource to help navigate the confusion and frustration that can come with being a parent (and child). It is thoughtfully written from an understanding and loving perspective (for parent and child) and explains a lot of the science behind the information, without being too daunting.
For a long time, I was struggling with how to parent from a heart centered approach and still maintain clear limits and boundaries. This book has been an invaluable resource to help. I refer back to it often and am sure to do so for years to come as my daughter ages.

Leslie Morter

What the world needs now!!

This book based on the Hatfield’s heart centered work over the past 20+ years and is backed by reputable research in human development. I was first introduced to this work 15 years ago when my children were toddlers. It shifted my own parenting in such a profound way. It guided me to reparent myself and to cultivate the mutually respectful relationships I enjoy today with my adult daughters.
It’s not an exaggeration to say that the ParentShift approach truly has the power to shift collective consciousness and heal humanity.

Nicole B

Great, Timely Book for Our Family

I had been looking for a book just like this to help improve my communication with our child. Really meaningful.

Paine Whitney

Amazing parenting technology

Amazing book! I have read this book and taken several of the classes the authors teach and this parenting technology is by far the best advice I have ever received and used on my children. Thank you is not enough to say about the value of this book. Recommend it to every parent of children of all ages. It is never too late to start using the teachings from this book!


My go-to parenting book!

I love the new perspective this book has given me on parenting! I go back and reference this book whenever I’m struggling with my child’s behavior.

Philip C Samartan

A truly transformational book

Before reading this book and learning about Ty and Linda’s parenting philosophy, bedtime was a total nightmare, leaving the house took forever and we couldn’t figure out what to do about screen time, which seemed to turn our sweet kid into a demon child. This book has given our family what we desperately needed: a set of tools that we can apply to any parenting situation, big or small, but also a clear parenting code that guides it. It’s all about parenting with compassion and empathy, helping your kids develop self esteem and a strong sense of self worth and building strong communication and trust. But it’s also taught us how to set clear, consistent limits for our kids and boundaries for ourselves. And when to lay off the limits and rules and let our kids figure it out. I plan to share this book with every parent I know. They say there’s no how-to book for parenting, but guys, I really believe this is it.

Jenny M.

Fresh ideas on Conscious discipline without rewards or punishment

I work with young children and care for an Autistic boy on weekends and during the summer, The book gives new prospective on Conscious discipline! without using punishment or rewards.


Read this=better parents=better children=better adults

Although I’ve taken the Parenting From the Heart course from Ty and Linda Hatfield, I still feel like I’m getting so much from reading this book. I’m getting such good nuggets, such good reminders, of how I want to parent my children and why. It is a great resource to consult when I’m feeling overwhelmed (and who hasn’t felt that way when faced with parenting challenges?) so it is definitely not a read and forget book; it has steps and advice for many situations that you will want to read and re-read.

Any parents -and even grandparents or children’s caregivers – if you are wondering if there is a better way to parent/interact with children that is effective and more fulfilling, then you will want to read this.


Not just for new Parents!

The ParentShift book has helped me through these tricky toddler grandson years. Little did I realize how profoundly parenting from the heart would touch my entire family as we navigate thru our next generation of children. It also has opened my eyes to issues I’ve carried from my childhood and allowed space for healing. I wholeheartedly recommend this book, not only to new parents but parents with children of all ages and grandparents! My relationship with my adult children and my grandchildren continue to benefit from the ParentShift practices!

 Karina Rindt

Pretty Spectacular Advice

My wife read this book first and each night would explain to me what we were doing wrong in raising our son. I wasn’t sure what to make of what I was hearing so I dove in and read it myself. I’m glad I did. There is a basic premise in here that spoke to me about treating your children as you’d want to be treated. And to be kind to them, even in the moments when your instincts are telling you to whap them on the head and knock it off. True to its name, this book has caused me to shift my thinking and my approach to raising our child, especially in those moments that prove challenging, whether they are mundane things that happen day to day or bigger-picture problems that emerge over time. I highly recommend a read of this book, even if you feel, as we did, that you are doing a decent job already in raising a responsible human being. “Parent Shift” may well cause you to rethink your approach anyway.

Jason T Gewirtz

Read it now!

Oh, how I wish this book had been around when my child was a toddler! This was an excellent read with sound science to support the writers’ premise that many of the things we have been taught about parenting are myths. I felt really good about my parenting in some places and hung my head in shame in others. My child is now 16 and I am still going to incorporate these teachings into my ongoing parenting. This would be an excellent book to give to expecting parents or parents of young children.

Building authentic relationships with your children

Having taken their parenting course, this book takes all the fundamentals and puts it together in a way that is organized and easy to understand. If you have children, grandchildren, a teacher or a caregiver, ParentShift puts together a beautiful way to create an authentic relationship built off of trust. Having practiced this way of being with my own daughter for 6+ years now, I can attest that it works and allows for an emotionally enlightened child.

An insightful parenting guide that will be my go-to reference for the challenges ahead

This practical, no non-sense parenting book has helped me better understand what my previously sweet child who has turned into an angsty tween is experiencing as he looks to turn every conversation into a power struggle. Providing both the brain science and practical advice, the authors provide a map for navigating challenges at every age and stage. It is my go-to reference guide whenever I am feeling that “parenting is hard” feeling.

Kimberly M

A powerful way for parents to communicate and parent their children

With extensive research and experience, the authors have presented a powerful system for creating loving, caring and long-lasting relationships with their children. This is a must read for parents, grandparents and teachers.

Nancy Witko

The only parenting book you’ll ever need

Finally the lessons from the parenting classes offered by the authors are available in a book!

s yassine

Must-Read for ALL Parents

As a parent of a young toddler, I really appreciated this book and everything it had to offer. I can see many of these key points helping me in my journey as a parent to my lively little guy! I recommend to all parents needing a little extra guidance.


A heart-centered guide to being a better parent, or grandparent

ParentShift offers a paradigm shift for parents looking for a different parenting style for raising kids. The authors looked at how American parents usually fall into two categories — controlling or permissive. Controlling parents tend to set too many limits, place unreasonably high expectations, and fail to demonstrate enough empathy with their kids. Permissive parents go the other way by tending to be weak limit and boundary setters, expecting too little, and being empathetic to the fault of treating their children’s problems as their own.

This book teaches a distinct parenting style that the authors describe as heart-centered. Heart-centered parents set strong limits and boundaries, know how to genuinely empathize with their kids, and have high and reasonable expectations of them. The authors show how these skills are associated with children who are kind, confident, compassionate, capable, resilient, and healthy.

They also explain why most adults need to learn this parenting style because most were not raised in a heart-centered way themselves. That’s why they describe it as a paradigm shift and call the book ParentShift.

The book is structured as a practical guidebook, with explanations and common-sense exercises for how to apply the lessons in real life. It is not aimed at solving one particular problem or navigating one particular age. In fact, much of the book’s advice applies to getting along with adults as much as it does with parenting. ParentShift aims to help parents identify and address virtually any challenge at any age, although it probably would be most helpful for parents, grandparents, caregivers, and teachers of children around age three to five.

Rose City Reader

Goodreads’ Reviews

ParentShift describes a new approach for parenting. Better parenting is possible without falling into the old and moldy categories of being controlling or permissive. This book shows you that there is a way to establish a relationship with your kids so that their education is about making the right choices for themselves, and not just following your rules. This approach promises to make the parent-child relationship strong, supportive, and understanding.

What I really liked about this book is that it gives you actual practical advice and tips. Also, it does not pretend that the ParentShift method is perfect, or that parents using the ParentShift method will never make a mistake.

Totally recommended to parents and everybody that has interactions with children

Maria V.

This book is such a fantastic tool for developing the best relationship with your child while still maintaining boundaries and limits. There is an emphasis on collaboration with your child and helping them develop essential life skills. I like the way the book is set out and appreciated the real life examples of how to put the ideas and principles into practice. This work is such an important way forward in bringing up the next generation of healthy and mindful adults.


Refreshing! I feel like my husband and I were holding our own as parents, but this book encouraged us to do so much better. ParentShift clearly outlines why some trusted parenting strategies don’t work and gives simple/usable techniques to use instead. I am no longer dreading disciplining my son, rather I look forward to building a mutually respectful relationship.


As a parent of a young toddler, I really appreciated this book and everything it had to offer. I can see many of these key points helping me in my journey as a parent to my lively little guy! I recommend to all parents needing a little extra guidance.

Audrianna Thompson

I thoroughly enjoyed it! As a bonus mom to a kid struggling with a bunch of different things, this book gave me some great insight into why certain behaviors occur, how to deal with (practically) and how I’m able to instill solid foundational values for my family to make their own choices.

I loved that the practical guidelines were exactly that, practical, and that having very real boundaries is still acceptable in today’s parenting world. I’d definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants to work on having a stronger parent-child relationship.


‘ParentShift’ is a interesting parenting self-help book for building strong and better relationships with your children. The book was really informative, easy to read and gave me plenty to think about, even though I’ve been a parent for over 17 years – there are always things you can learn about your parenting style and reflect on things you do or could change.

The book promotes a heart-centered method of parenting as many child-development educators recognise that there are three main parenting styles – often known as Goldilocks and the Three Parenting Styles. The first one is “too hard” so parents set unreasonably high expectations for their kids but give low emotional support (controlling); the second is “too soft” where parents set low expectations though then in turn offer high and unhealthy emotional support (permissive), and finally getting it “just right”, where parents set reasonably high expectations but offer high and healthy emotional support (heart-centered).

The book provides great alternatives to those reward or punishment systems that have been peddled by many TV programmes and suggests many alternative and better common sense approaches to parenting which was backed up by research and examples were given throughout the book with enlightenment from other parents or research to back it up.

It also has useful appendices one of which provides ideas on what children should be managing for themselves split by age range.


ParentShift is just the book I needed in this season of life. The authors carefully explain how to shift thinking from a punishment based disciplinary system to one where you the parent can really work to see your child as a human being, albeit younger and less experienced, and move from a system of control to mutual respect through positive reinforcement of behavior. Through personal experience, they share ten guidelines to help your child navigate life, from toddler-hood to teenager and to help prevent psychological problems later in life. I was really encouraged there was another way to parent, separate from methods such as timeouts and other punishment, that has proven success. ParentShift will be on my bookshelf for years to come.

Shay Fort

ParentShift: Ten Universal Truths That Will Change the Way You Raise Your Kids by Linda Hatfield has ways to collaborate with your child while keeping boundaries and limitations. It makes common sense and explains why some strategies do not work.

Melinda M.



Midwest Book Review


The Parenting Shelf

ParentShift: Ten Universal Truths That Will Change the Way You Raise Your Kids” by the team of develompent experts Linda Hatfield, Ty Hatfield, and journalist Wendy Thomas Russell, is extraordinarily instructive guidebook that offers an effective new approach to raising confident, healthy, whole human beings, from toddler to teen. Groundbreaking in both its scope and methodology, “ParentShift” challenges some of our most popular disciplinary tools (including punishments, threats, bribery, and rewards) all of which the science of child psychology has shown actually sabotage so many of the long-term goals parents have for their kids. “ParentShift” dismantles the pervasive myths that have given rise to these tactics and introduce a method designed to solve virtually any household challenge while honoring children’s emotional needs, preserving the parent-child relationship and strengthening each child’s self-esteem.

Critique: Exceptionally well written, organized and presented, “ParentShift” is impressively ‘user friendly’ for the non-specialist general reader and unreservedly recommended for personal, community, and academic library Parenting instructional reference collections. It should be noted for parents that “ParentShift” is also available in a digital book format (Kindle, $14.99).